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As an independent musician, you already know that. The best way to market and promote your music online today is marketing. Even the most well-known artists have taken this route. In fact, some of the biggest players are even releasing new albums in digital format.

A long telephone conversation I had with a close friend and associate, who is the president a big independent record company, revealed that digital music sales (or digital music downloads) has now reached half of all music. The result is that digital music sales will likely be non-existent in the future. It will, of course, increase the artist’s budget by not having to make CD pressing or manufacture. This will make it much easier to manage your music distribution efforts.

The end result is that I am not sure where to go with this. What I’m trying to say is that you should devote the majority of your time, effort, money and resources to promoting your music online. Internet music publicity should be favored over traditional print publicity. Consider all the newspapers and magazines that have gone out of business or transferred all their publications online. You have to be honest with yourself. You need to get on the Internet wagon quickly if you want to promote and market your music. You must keep in touch today with your fans through as many channels as possible. Do not expect them to come to your door, instead reach out.

This is a brief summary of some of the best methods for independent artists to promote and maintain contact with fans in today’s digital age.

Para Social Relationships Internet

You should have a presence for your band on as many social networks as you can. Although you may already have a myspace account, which we all know is vital, this is no longer enough. Use social media such as Twitter, Facebook or Squidoo to keep your fans and potential supporters informed. It is a good idea to participate in music forums related to your musical genre. These portals are quickly changing into a way for fans to meet up and keep in touch.

Official Artist Website and Blog

It is also important that your official band website or artist website be maintained. It should be professional designed and reflect your artist image. This page should be constantly updated. It should contain a news page, a media page, and an audio page Fakaza. This page should be updated regularly with new news, clips and music. Your homepage should include interactive functionality that allows fans to comment, interact and get involved. You can keep fans informed by creating a blog. Just make sure it is kept current and fresh. You can also subscribe to the RSS Feed from your blog and all content will be sent instantly to their computer. Very powerful.

Online Press Kit. Publicity

An online presskit, also known by the EPK (Electronic Press Kit), is an essential promotional tool for every artist and band, regardless of whether you have a traditional or digital presskit. The online EPK makes it easy to quickly distribute information about your band and music samples, to agents, venues, and fans in order to promote the music.

Widgets — A Big One

Although widgets are still a new method of music promotion online, they can prove to be very powerful in viral Internet marketing. A widget is a digital picture of your profile that can contain streaming or download music, publicity and other information. It allows you to gather your fans’ email addresses. The widget code should appear on all websites. Widgets allow users to take the code from your website to place it on their own websites. This spreads the word to potentially thousands of people. Signing up at reverbnation.com can grant you access to your widgets completely free of charge. Are you beginning to grasp the concept of viral music marketing?

Mailing List

This should not be mentioned but most artists who are in the very early stages or development of their work do not understand it. A digital email signup module is essential for all websites. It is important to gather the email addresses of your potential fans and keep them in a distribution database. The possibilities are limitless with this mailing list. It is possible to announce show details and increase attendance. You can also broadcast new news or public relations announcements, conduct a contest, or announce new CD releases. This will result in increased record sales. No artist, independent or major, should be without a digital mailing address.