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Have you ever wondered what makes your favorite musicians so great? The answer is simple: They know how music works and how to make you feel the same. Knowing how music is expressed is essential to being a good guitarist or musician. If you can control emotion through music, you will be able to significantly affect the experience of others.

Guitarists long to be more expressive with their guitar playing. But, most guitar players don’t know what to do. This causes a lot to be wasted on practicing the guitar in a way that doesn’t yield big results. The solution is to gain a greater understanding of how music can inspire creativity Letsmix.

Many guitarists try to increase their musical creativity by listening to the music of their favorite bands and learning new ideas. While it’s a great way to have fun while playing the guitar, it does little to help you learn musical expression. Spending too much time on this will result in you missing the two most essential parts of being able create emotion through music.

  1. You need to know how great guitarists and musicians think. You need to know WHY these great players choose the particular notes and ideas. This is something you won’t be able to learn if you just copy the “notes” from your favorite songs and solos. It is not enough to play the same notes with other musicians. You must think about what emotions you want to convey and which musical choices will best help you do that. Once you achieve this level, your unique musical sound will reflect the ideas and emotions you feel.
  2. Knowing how to create and express specific emotions by using certain musical choices when playing solo or in compositions is crucial. Without having to say anything, you must be able express the emotions you desire with your music to your audience. Many guitarists find it difficult to do this. As a result, they are limited to playing other people’s music and never able express their feelings through their playing.

Music theory can be a contentious topic for most guitarists. Music theory is something many people avoid. They believe it is too restrictive and restrict their musical expression. Others think music theory is essential for learning how to make music. These views, however, aren’t complete in the grand scheme of music theory.

Music theory has a purpose. Music theory is an instrument that describes accurately the effects musical ideas have on the emotions of those who listen to it.

Change your perspective on music theory

Understanding music theory’s true function will change the way you think about music theory. Music theory doesn’t just explain the function and meaning of chords and scales. Music theory is all about explaining why certain ideas make us feel certain emotions. This knowledge is essential to developing great musical expression skills.

This example will show you how to use this idea. My job as a teacher of guitar is to help my students improve their creativity. One exercise I use is for my guitar students to list the emotions they want to express with their guitar music. I then ask them to list the ways they can express these emotions using a variety different music theory ideas.