Simple Ways To Add Audio And Video To Your Affiliate Site

You can do this by adding a welcome message on your website. Videotaping yourself promoting the product that you are offering can help to increase the level of connection youtube to mp3 music converter. Hearing a voice, or even seeing someone in person is more engaging than reading a cold piece of text. Audio and video can help you capture the attention of your audience quickly.

There are simple ways for you to record a message. You have a few options.

  • Audacity is the best program to use to create audio. You can record yourself using a headset or microphone. The audio can be saved to the web server and the HTML code added to the file will open it when someone visits your site. This is a cheap way to add audio to your website if you are web-savvy or have an excellent webmaster who can help.

It’s important to note that not everyone enjoys hearing a voice as soon as they visit a site. You can give visitors the choice to listen to a recording by adding a graphic (an “audio player” with Play/Stop buttons) to your website.

  • One of the many “instant audio services” available online is a VERY simple way to include audio. Many companies offer systems which allow users to upload, record and edit audio messages on their website. They also include a graphic player. You simply call a number to record the message and then copy the code created by the company onto your website. Others require you to pay a subscription fee or a once-off charge. These services are ideal if you’re not a techie and want to get started quickly with audio. Compare the different services and search for “create Internet Audio”.

Take the time, no matter how you choose to add audio to an affiliate site. Create a message that is friendly. Before you record, write it down. Streaming audio is the term for the audio that you upload to your site and plays directly from the server. It does not require visitors to the website download any files. You can also include larger audio files, such as podcasts, for the benefit of your customers. These should be formatted as.mp3s that are downloaded to and played on the computer.

Video Strategies for the Internet

You can produce video that is as complex or as simple as you need. Video production firms that specialize in Internet videos are available, but they charge a lot.

You can record your own video with a digital camera if you only want to create a product description video of three to four minutes. Take the time again to ensure that it looks and sounds professional.

You probably have a video-editing program for your website if you use Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows Movie Maker lets you edit a video file from your camera for your website.

You can find many other options for video editing software. Do some research to determine which one is best suited to your skill level. After you have edited a video clip and recorded it, the file still has to be converted into

You can embed FLV files (Flash format) on your site.

It’s actually quite simple. There’s actually an excellent tutorial for downloading a free FLV converter, converting your video and creating a viewer for site visitors to use to watch your video here:

You can hire someone else to make the video for you and upload it on your site. They will have all the software necessary to do this. Internet video can be a powerful tool to connect with potential clients.

A website that is otherwise cold can be “heated” by audio recordings of your voice accompanied with your picture. Video welcomes and product explanations add another layer to the warmth. Learn more about how to add one to your niche website. It’s amazing how long it has taken you!

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